The Ultimax-100 antenna is designed with the H.O.A., limited space
amateur and rapid deployment operator in mind. It provides for all-band
operation from 80 through 6 meters continuously with just the use of an
antenna tuner.

The Ultimax-100 consists of a robust matching network which can handle
1500W P.E.P. SSB and 500W CW. The heavy duty construction but light
weight of the matching network accompanied with the 24', #14 AWG, super
flexible radiator wire are designed for the harsh and punishing demands
of maritime mobile use. The quality material in the Ultimax-100 makes it
completely weatherproof. The Ultimax-100 can be mounted vertically,
horizontally, or sloped. There's no need to waste operating time reading
through thick manuals: Once the antenna is mounted simply connect the
coax and you're on the air. The Ultimax-100 antenna is truly a
plug-and-play antenna which will serve the needs of the most experienced
ham operator and those new to the hobby on land or at sea. A typical
installation takes about 15 minutes.

IMPORTANT: To maximize the efficiency of the Ultimax-100, use a simple
coil choke balun at the feed point (5 turns at 6" diameter coax) or a
line isolator. As always, keep all parts of your antennas away from
metal structures whenever possible and power lines.

1500 Watts PEP rating SSB
500 Watts  CW / RTTY
Length - 24 feet
Weight - 1.5 pounds
Polarization – Vertical, Horizontal, Sloped
Connector – SO-239-50 ohm
SWR < 2.5:1 – (3:1 tuner required all radio tuners work)
Bands –  from 3.0 MHz to 54 MHz (80 to 6 meters)
Radials- no required

PRICE  $ 65.00

shipping cost calculate at check out