The ULTIMAX-8040 broadband dual band double bazooka for 40 & 80 meters is a fantastic antenna using a newly designed “HY-Q” coax coils that gives outstanding broadband performance on both bands requiring only 103' feet of space.  The ULTIMAX-8040 is resonate at 1:1 SWR in the middle of both bands , on 40 meters the SWR is less than 1:4 on almost the entire band. On 80 meters the ULTIMAX-8040 will resonate around 3.700 Mhz giving a very wide bandwidth  before needing an antenna tuner . The ULTIMAX-8040 is constructed with high-grade 50 ohm RG-8X coax, (not 75 ohm) rated to handle legal limit with ease. All of the hardware is stainless steel embedded in  heavy duty PVC to assure years of trouble free high performance use.

Band coverage: 40 & 80 meters amateur bands
Length: 103' feet
Power: 1500W+ PEP SSB /CW /RTTY
SWR:  1:1 at band center/<2.6:1 max at band edges
Connector: so-239
Weight: 4.5 pounds
Coax assembly: RG8X
Insulators: PVC HD
Polarization: horizontal, inverted V
Apex: 35' min      ends: 18' min

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