Are you one of the unlucky Ham radio operator’s whom after purchasing your dream home or signing a lease, you discover there are antenna restrictions? Well you do not have to worry anymore. With the Ultimax antenna you can still live in your dream community without having to give up your hobby. Here at Ultimax we offer several antennas designed for stealth operation to keep your H.O.A., and other agencies, from harassing you.

Our collection of Ultimax antennas have been used by DX Expedition Teams, Boy Scouts of America, in military field operations , by the Chile's Civil defense, Israel military personnel, as well as special event stations aboard the USS-Alabama. The Ultimax antennas are in over 91 country's with over 6,000 units sold WorldWide and do
You know Why ? ………… because it works.

Check this link for the video of ULTIMAX 100 by K5GRY : http://youtu.be/8TRWkxecBfo

New videos by K5GRY:  http://www.youtube.com/user/K5GRY#p/u/0/hpOWRLeYtn8


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